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The business of large enterprises today is subject to ever-increasing complexity, with a growing number of information management systems each operating their own proprietary data model. This makes it virtually impossible for any enterprise to obtain a single version of the truth. And although in principle there is plenty of overlap in the information managed by these systems, any real interoperability usually comes at the price of custom integrations built by IT consultants with no real stake in the outcome.

At Reflective, we want to change the status quo by creating a platform where data is modeled after reality, and evolves with change. A platform where processes, validity constraints and the data model are all first-class citizens, owned and maintained by the organization ultimately consuming them: The Enterprise Itself.

Expert systems on this platform will be able to base their business logic on authoritative data that never goes stale and evolves over time, in a way that preserves historic information so any prior state can be recreated as needed.

Meet the Reflective Platform.

About the author

Rasmus Borgsmidt is a cofounder of Reflective, a recent Danish startup aiming to provide public and private organizations with an open platform that allows them to control and manage their own data.

Reflective is currently also working on Reflective Organization, an expert system that builds on the Reflective Platform to manage organizational processes and information.