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Strategically plan with data-driven insight.

Grandview combines strategy, technology, AI, and data-driven intuition to solve complex business challenges.

Our flexible business model allows us to engage with our customers during critical pain points or holistically in a continuous planning model. Engagements could be as simple as addressing a manual forecasting process, providing data analytics on the key business drivers or utilizing more advanced insights to chart the best course forward.

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Through insights, algorithms and AI, Grandview equips organizations with everything they need to streamline planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis and differentiate with data. Utilizing automated, managed reporting, Grandview empowers FP&A leaders by providing a unique insight into operational performance and the workforce that drives your business. We help clients identify performance gaps, capitalize on the power of data-driven decision making and move quickly towards a more efficient way to do business.  

Looking at historical data, or simply tracking financial KPIs, is not enough. CxOs and line of business executives need a broader view of their organization, combining both live and historical data. Gaining insight into how various parts of the business – from the executive team to HR and sales – impact each other allows leaders to confidently advise on future strategies to sustain and grow profitability. Grandview’s services and solutions are designed to help financial leaders succeed in this ever-evolving role. 

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Our solutions-based approach leads our clients towards massive success. Take a look at some of the amazing results our clients have achieved so far.

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Our solutions remain in line with our Big Picture approach where the three questions remain at the core of each strategy.

Through our approach, we are able to create a solid basis for designing and analyzing potential strategic options and guiding effective action through four main areas that could be utilized individually or in a variety of combinations depending on your unique business structure and goals.