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The View Ahead: Leveraging Constants Amidst the Chaos

Webinar Summary

If there ever was such a thing as business as usual that environment is gone. We are now in a world where uncertainty dominates and chaos has seemingly become the norm.  Is anything constant?

Unknowns have always been the fuel for those that push toward new horizons. Old-world navigators boldly faced uncharted waters for the opportunities that lay ahead. But despite the myriad unpredictable challenges they also had constants – the sun and stars to provide their position and their compass to indicate direction. 

Today, successful business leaders also seek new opportunities amidst the chaos. And similarly, data analytics and planning can provide the constants for their position and direction. 

 Join me for this on-demand webinar where I will explore the chaotic implications of subjective responses like trust, risk, fear and resolve as well as discuss how Grandview’s analytic solutions will help you apply objective constants to leverage these to your advantage.  I will introduce thought-provoking topics and tangible tactics where you will learn: 

Without a doubt, the events of these past months are of a magnitude our generation had yet to encounter. Grandview is continually assessing the impacts and outcomes to assimilate new understanding to the decades of experience that drives our solutions.  As this storm fades, the view ahead is bright. Expect adventure.

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About the Speaker

Michael Peter is Grandview’s Senior Offering Manager for Analytic Solutions. Bringing over 25 years of data analytics experience, he charts the course for Grandview’s go-to-market strategies and acts as lead evangelist for their solution portfolio.

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