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Operational Performance Management

Far too often, organizations are using the wrong toolset to measure their activities and fail to recognize that the ultimate goal of performance management is to enable intelligent business decisions. Performance management tools should distinctly and accurately gauge parameters related to business strategy and goals such as productivity and profitability. These parameters must be actionable by the line of business leaders and executives, as well as be consistently and objectively measured. Operational performance management (OPM) is the alignment of all business units within an organization to ensure that they are working together to achieve core business goals. OPM software solutions allows organizations of all sizes to establish links between operational KPIs and critical business metrics. This includes any sort of activities involved in keeping a business running productively. Organizations have unique operations – each of which are dependent on reliable and on-time information to capitalize on efficiency. By linking the KPIs of enterprise activities to measurable results, Grandview’s approach helps organizations ensure their operations and initiatives are more effective. Our clients use our proven methodology to maintain the integrity of large-scale initiatives, to support business continuity and to keep operations focused on a plan with measurable outcomes. Our engagement framework evaluates performance with current and historical business analytics, exposing potential improvements with actionable advancement. This results in our clients possessing the tools necessary to address issues and seize competitive opportunities.

Optimize your time and talent with Grandview.

Whether it’s incremental improvements or designing a solution to the impossible scenarios, clients depend on Grandview for transformational performance that is significant, measurable and sustainable. As a leading global financial strategy and operations consulting firm, Grandview helps organizations maximize ROI on planned or existing business deployments. With our deep expertise in business benchmarking, operations and technology best practices, Grandview is the ideal partner for implementing a new performance management system or driving greater efficiency and effectiveness in an existing one. By working hand-in-hand with our clients, we ensure buy-in from senior leadership all the way down to the front line employee, leaving behind an optimized culture with new measurable behaviors.