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Financial Planning & Forecasting


Proper financial planning is imperative to the success of any initiative. It can provide a sense of direction, keep you ahead of the competition, prepare for increased demand or drop in sales and improve overall profitability. But did you know that 64% of annual plans are actually out of date by the time they are put into effect?  

The requirements for accurate planning and forecasting increases every day. Fueled by the demands for instant access to information, financial managers are expected to be able to predict the impact of business decisions quicker than ever.  

Despite the high stakes, many businesses still rely on disparate, outdated tools for planning and workforce management—usually Excel spreadsheets. 

Traditional planning with manual reconciliation is incredibly time-consuming and notoriously error-prone. A miscalculation, oversight, or a security breach could be financially devastating. Organizations still managing their budget information in Excel end up spending most of their time looking backwards instead of forward. The two most obvious problem with utilizing legacy planning tools are wasted time and wasted talent that result from continuous process of nursing a stale spreadsheet system. 

In order to be more proactive and successful, that perspective must transform to implement a more agile, ongoing planning culture, aligned with operations and leadership expectations. At Grandview, our job is to apply our insight and experience to work alongside you to develop a plan that suits your organizations’ needs. Our budgeting and forecasting solutions assist organizations in putting their current strengths and team to work, while adopting new data-driven techniques to strategically achieve your future goals. 

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from a strategy to increase data access and quality. There is an enormous amount of data available to organizations today, but so few are utilizing that data to their advantage. 78% of CFOs agree that the key to forecasting more accurately lies in the greater use of non-financial data. Grandview can help you to analyze your current data, develop a strong foundation for exploration and discovery on non-financial data, visualize those insights and harness the power of the information to optimize operational performance.  

Grandview help companies of all sizes — from Fortune 500 enterprises to small and mid-market organizations —transform slow, disconnected processes into dynamic, efficient and connected experiences. Our software and solutions portfolio serve finance, line-of-business and IT professionals alike, creating analytics-driven decisions. With financial planning and forecasting solutions and consulting from Grandview, organizations can:  

Grandview employs an iterative approach to designing solutions that address real business issues. We utilize years of industry expertise and work tirelessly to implement and test the right solutions alongside the client team.


A successful strategy is a key part on the way to the success of the whole company. It solves everything, so it is so important to develop the exact solution that will allow to beat the competitors and enter the market with those services and goods that will be in demand. Everyone can use the services of planning and building a strategy, from a small business owner to a large corporation. We will develop the most successful strategy that will allow your business develop and prosper for many years to come.

Obviously, the strategy for small businesses will differ from the strategy for a large corporation. We offer you to take advantage of unique approaches that will help you maintain a balance in the volatile economic world of the market.

We have vast experience in creating successful strategies for large corporations. Take advantage of our services to ensure the development of your business and understand the most important directions.